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One young auto mechanic tighten screw with spanner during automobile car maintenance

Vehicle Repairs In South East London

Repair & Diagnostics: Welcome

Repair & Diagnostics With Autocare Repair Ltd

Autocare Repair Ltd offer a variety of van and vehicle repairs from our garage in Southeast London. Our skilled auto-technicians will use the latest diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Whether you need engine management, new tyres, dashboard checks or other vehicle services, our professional team are on hand to help. Our engine diagnostic equipment is modern and combines with our highly trained mechanics, we can quickly identify and advise on any repairs or replacements you may need.

AC Repair
Fluid Check
Close-up of car battery

Diagnosing faults and fault codes

Autocare Repair Ltd has many years of experience to help keep your vehicle running smoothly. Vehicle and car problems can require a professional diagnosis and repair. Whether your car has an unusual smell or has abnormal resistance, our professional team can diagnose the problem quickly for you.

Dash lights

If a car warning light or an error message has appeared on your dashboard, it is important to have this checked out. With our professional car diagnosis, we can fault check and help identify the problem. There are many errors that could show up, such as window wipers or a blown fuse. Because there are hundreds of different sensors on vehicles these days it can sometimes be hard to know the issue, without having a professional mechanic check for you.

MOT pre-checks

At Autocare Repair Ltd we can inspect your vehicle for a pre-MOT check, which includes checking the front seats, horn, handbrake, and interior warning lights. It is important to keep your car clean inside and out and check other components to avoid an MOT failure.

Repair & Diagnostics: Services


What is the hourly rate for your services?

We charge £65.

What is the length of the warranty, for gearbox reconditioning?

We offer a 12-month warranty, or for 10k miles.

Do you do pick up and collect for vehicles?

Yes. Within 3-mile radius of our garage.

Can you recover vehicles?

Yes, we can.

Do you care charge for diagnostics?

We do charge for this, but if you go ahead with the repairs then the cost is adjusted according to the repair cost.

What are your opening hours?

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 17:00pm
Saturday - 8:00am - 14:00pm 
Sunday - Closed

Repair & Diagnostics: FAQ

Call Autocare Repair Ltd For Your MOT Pre-Checks On 07710 091215

Repair & Diagnostics: Text
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